Membership Charges

Share Money – Share money is Rs.100.00 Annual Subscription  Rs.2400.00 per year.
Construction cost –  Cost of construction has been taken on the basis of Architect’s estimate.
# # N.B.

  • Provision for two (2) car parking space per flat has been earmarked in the basement. However, the cost of Rs. 2.00 Lakh per car parking slot has not been included in the  projected cost of flat (mandatory requirement).
  • Present calculation is based on FAR 200 in case of any statuary variation in  FAR the same shall be passed on the members.
  • Stamp duty charges, land development charges and other charges required for fencing etc have    been included in the land cost.
  • The Bye-laws and Norms of Master Plan 2021 will be followed for the Design &   Construction.
  • The above cost reflects civil work only, other works are not included.
  • All the above projected costs are tentative based upon the prevailing market rates.
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